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REBOBINA  is a documentary created by ex-students of ESAD.cr which began as a work for the final project in graphic design and ended up being a great document for anyone interested in the history of Caldas Late Night.

The book is accompanied by a DVD containing footage edited, unedited and interviews with organizers and the first students ESAD.cr.

uma dos meus trabalhos aparece na parte dos do ano de 2008 e também aparece este e outro no filme na parte não editada.

for more information go to REBOBINA blog

and see the film one and two of the projection



I was searching my backups  and I found cool old stuff


I did this poster after seeing the helvetica’s movie

and this is one projection that I did from my neighbor’s house to my house



CLN12 (2008)

CLN_safa-te?Projection in esad.CR