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JORNAL i cover

It is with a great happiness that I post the pictures of the newspaper’s cover published in 15 of August

in the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper

Passos Coelho’s close up


cover from jornal i from the first day that Pope Benedict XVI has in Portugal

my illustration on the cover of the Jornal i. May 11 which was the first day of the Pope’s visit to Portugal. The other covers are the remaining days of the visit.

PHOTOMONTAGE Sócrates and Pedro Passos Coelho in Jornal i

Fotomontagem de José Socrates e Pedro Passos Coelho por Luís Favas

Photomontage on the zoom’s cover of the Jornal i in May 14.

later the same day, the cover was featured in the sic’s television show : Nós Por Cá and also in RTP N

Today on Jornal i

in the weekend I will made one other post with a better photo