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Group exhibition in Vanity Land on contemporary

"Zé Povinho"

The name of the illustration is “A baixo de cão”

"Zé Povinho"

and besides the other version, I made one with colors and more details


cover from jornal i from the first day that Pope Benedict XVI has in Portugal

my illustration on the cover of the Jornal i. May 11 which was the first day of the Pope’s visit to Portugal. The other covers are the remaining days of the visit.

Today on Jornal i

in the weekend I will made one other post with a better photo


Finally back to dots illustrations, and at this time, its all made in illustrator. (in the past I do it in Corel Draw) and with some changes to be more editorial.

did you recognize this person?


stop motion made for a school work, where we had to choose a song or sound and make five illustrations/photos  and a stop motion animation.



behind the scene

BLOW UP goodbye 09

in My Generation store

2009 was the best years for work, exhibitions and surf.
was the year of Zé Povinho (I’m going to publish a few more applications that I made with the illustration).
I had an illustration on the cover of the catalog of the music box, seven exhibitions, got a good connection with the Museum Bernardo and good waves
I hope 2010 is as good or better, with some graphical changes

Thanks to those who visited the blog and supported me


This sample is the first version of this font (made in 2008), changes in the structure remained but I cleaned some details.
the sentence is a joke on the French tale La Belle et la Bête (Romão is my second last name).

I hope that in 2010 all find their belles, good vibes and perfect waves.

IMMERSED in the lake

IMMERSED in the lake

Cardboard box painted for a friend’s work in ESAD.cr



testing new forms

MUSIC BOX February 2009

Music Box’s magazine cover


and my bio in the first page


I don’t remember exactly but I think it was printed 8000 copies