Two years ago I finish a Design Multimedia degree in ESAD ( Caldas da Rainha) and now I’m finishing one master degree in Art Multimedia focused in interactive environment in Belas Artes from Lisboa.

I am also looking for freelance in  illustration,  graphic design  or decoration (paint)

In my spare time I usually surf, chill out or paint large posters

in 2008 I started to take part in solo and group exhibitions and very occasionally having published works like in Music Box catalogue  or ARQ./A magazine


My letter from jornal i

Lisbon, Portugal

July, 2010

Dear sir/madame,

Luís Favas was an intern in the design department of the newspaper “i” for 4 months.

Luís is a hard worker, a thoughtful designer and a talented illustrator. While he was with us he gained experience designing daily pages for the newspaper and working on proposals for special projects. He originated various proposals and executed other work within existing models.

In addition to the design work he was asked to do, Luís also produced several illustrations for the newspaper. An illustration that he made of the Pope was published on the front page of the newspaper during the week of the Pope’s visit to Portugal. Another time, we asked him to make a photo-montage of José Sócrates and Passos Coelho for the newspaper. He did such a good Job that there was a short segment on television the next day explaining how he made the image.

Luís always gave his best effort. When there was downtime, he often worked on self-initiated illustration projects to stretch his skills.

He is eager to work and to learn and would be a great addition to any team.


Nick Mrozowski

Creative director

i Newspaper

2 responses to “About

  1. Ruben Antunes

    Caro Luis,

    Vou abrir um café nas Caldas da Rainha em breve e gostaria de falar contigo sobre a possibilidade de me fazeres umas pinturas nas paredes.

    Fico aguardar um contacto teu.


    Ruben Antunes

  2. Catia Lourenço

    Oi.. Sou a Catia do Abatanado..fica em Alcanede, tu ja la fizeste um trab no bar ao lado do cafe..agora gostaria de alterar o estilo do cafe, so numa parede..e gostava q me mandasses umas ideias..tipo alguns trab teus pq eu percebo pouco disto.. lol ja prg por ti a patricia amaral e ela dixe-me q tens pouco tempo mas tbm n a pressa..
    O meu email é catia_813@hotmail.com


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