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Been a while since the last time I updated this blog.  I hope to refresh it in February.

In the meantime you can check my behance or my new site:

JORNAL i cover

It is with a great happiness that I post the pictures of the newspaper’s cover published in 15 of August

in the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper

Passos Coelho’s close up

CUBS logo

Cubs is back and with a new look.

I did the redesign of the event’s logo (university circuit of bodyboard and surf)

and applications, such as website design, t-shirts and graphics for boards but due to budget cuts they were not used.

but in one way or another things appeared done and I’m happy with it,  even though I wasn’t notified.

Congratulations to the team

for more info go to CUBS’site



T-SHIRT Lisbon, London & New York

Tutti Frutti Travel

In April I spent some days in New York
But until I get there I have to go through Faro, London and Boston

This illustration is based on this trip

The great sketch

ok, not so great but…..

Printing with the help of Nuno Bettencourt

And the t-shirt

some have already been sold, some were for me and the other three go for sale in May.

When I return I will share some more detailed pictures

Until then, you can leave a reservation here
and if the number of reservations up to six, I will print again


Group exhibition with Gennebra in Diz-me o que lês (Lisbon)

the subject-matter of my pictures was read between the lines and all information that is lost when things are not what they seem

In this works I  tested some different solutions and I have added value more to the subject-matter than the graphics.

FORMA poster

I was invited to make a post for a new magazine-related
They sent the logo and purpose was to do something with it.

Coming soon to the public the work I’m doing, so far the largest and with more responsibility.


Luís Favas & Gennebra

In a new shop in Parque das Nações.